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We are deeply interested in building correct perception of latest “Management Thought” for improving organizational efficiency and effectiveness through self example, team building, time management and other soft skills to achieve strategic and short term goals / objectives of the organization. For achieving this, we believe in Systems Approach with Process management orientation for achieving Effectiveness and Efficiency.....

Putting these principles into place has led us to define how we work with our clients. Each of our Assessor / Auditor has extensive, real-world experience of best practice content, process tools, and human resource variables.

All of our Assessors / Auditors are credible and work in a way that inspires confidence and ensures that issues are resolved effectively. Our client requirements have led us to build a team of seasoned professionals who are bright, experienced and insightful.

All have years of practical work experience. We emphasize innovation and learning to enable the effective transfer of knowledge and experience, and we test ideas on ourselves so our suggestions come from deep, firsthand understanding of making business improvements.

That is the reason our services are not restricted to one area only. We therefore provide services in the field of Management, Human Resources, Security, Quality and Education Management. These services modify entire organization into benchmarked, highly competitive, productive and secure organization.


Karachi Office: 13-C, (Mezzanine) South Park Avenue, 8th Sunset Lane, Phase II (Ext), Defence Housing Authority, Karachi Pakistan.


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Lahore Office:

  • 28/19 Davis Road, Lahore. Pakistan.